Thursday, November 11, 2004


Oh my gosh, it'll be GREAT! We can leave this stupid crummy State that can't make any money with its stupid people who don't want gambling casinos in bad neighborhoods because we're all a bunch of Losers and go overseas and do commercials in JAPAN! It'll reduce the whole California deficit! Really! No, silly, we don't need to give incentives to Caleefornia businesses to stay here and keep jobs here. Sheesh! Take film production companies, for example, Film companies NEED to go overseas...sheesh, if they shot films here they'd actually have to pay the people who work on them...I mean the people who aren't the stars...ya know, like the extras? And the film crew? And the stage carpenters? No one sees THEM in the movie! And we just don't have enough money for people like that, I mean c'MON!!!! And layout animators just want WAYEE too much money in Caleefornia for that kind of work when we can get ya know, people? In Korea? To do the same job for 10 cents an hour? Who do these people think they are? They draw CARTOONS!!!! They are not stars! They are hurting Caleefornia! And computer technicians? They are not stars! They are hurting Caleefornia businesses with their salaries. We can pay 3.00 a day to someone from another country to do the job over the phone!

According to the Associated Press, "As a film star, Austria-born Schwarzenegger visited Japan several times to promote his movies and star in television commercials for beer, noodles, energy drinks and other products. Thursday, he talked about filming more commercials to pay for a California trade office in Japan. "It's quick money," he told California reporters. "You work for a day, and you have a trade office open and enough money for several years..."

Well, shee-it, what WERE we thinking? Hell, I thought that if a business was in trouble, you get a whole bunch of investors to take an interest in the business, put money into it and restructure it to get it back on its feet toward the objective of being a financial success again. I didn't know you're supposed to go take a job overseas and then take your paycheck from that job and sign it over YOURSELF to the business in trouble...I would think that to be kinda foolish, though I guess it might seem nice. And appropriate I suppose if you're a benevolent dictator. I'm not sure how that flies when you're the governor. And if a state (which is sort of a REALLY big business) is in trouble,it seems to me that getting the businesses from that State investing back into the State and toward the objective of keeping that state, and ultimately the whole economy of the state...I don't know... THRIVING...that would be kinda sensible to me...but then hey, I'm not the Governator.

Okay, okay, how 'bout this? How about we ALL go over to Japan and do commercials that in one day will pay for us all to have small businesses that we can open here in California with the seed money we got from Japan and then fix the economy THAT way? Talk about your American dream! Via Japan. What? Oh we can't just DO that? We have to be movie stars? They won't pay just ANYONE to do a beer or noodle commercial? Oh. So, we don't get to just bop on over to Japan for a little one day job and use the money to open businesses here and make money here, even though we live here and spend money here? Oh. Okay. I didn't know. I guess I have to read more about these things so that they make sense, you FREAKIN' MORON, HOW DID PEOPLE ACTUALLY THINK YOU COULD GOVERN A STATE!?!?.

Yup. Our Botox usin', make-up wearin', bad hair dye sportin', acrylic manicured (I kid you not) Governator has now decided to help California by doing commercials in Japan to pay for a California trade office there. Hmmm. Well, I guess the gambling casinos in bad neighborhoods idea didn't go over too well with his constituency so he decided to go back to the drawing wait...he didn't decide to go back to the drawing, he decided what would really help California is to do commercials in Japan. I guess it's really taxing when one spends one's day thinking up cheesy one liners and calling the majority of the State "Losers." It must be really hard to be the Governor of a State under all that pressure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Well, it's kind of an original idea, I guess. Bizarre, but original.


11 November, 2004 17:48  
Blogger R said...

Ahnald in '08!!! Ugh.

12 November, 2004 01:44  

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