Thursday, October 28, 2004


That's right, boys and girls. Yours Truly got a 90% on her math exam this evening. Now to some of you out there who are whizzes at math, who may have actually taught the stuff at some point or are teaching it now, this might strike you as less than spiffy. A 90% is the bottom rung of the "A" ladder. Hardly something for a Grade Grubber like myself to be all swingy from the chandeliery. But I have never in my forty plus years of life gotten a 90% on anything in the mathematical universe. That includes grade school, junior high, high school and that weird class that I took at community college in 1981 that I don't remember because I was probably on something. It also includes Music Theory (also math), but that's another blog for another entry. This is about The Math.

I would like to share here what Manpants had to say about my 90% on my math exam. Keeping in mind Mr. Smarty-Manpants-NYU-Economics-Major is way good at the math and makes condescending (and dare I say chauvinistic) comments about my math skills on a regular basis.

Me: "I got a 90% on my math exam!"

Manpants: "You got a 90% on a Math exam?"

Me: That's right bucko.

Manpants: "Well, it makes sense. The Red Sox won the series, and You got a 90% on a math exam."

Me: "You're an asshole, and I want you to tell everyone you know that the woman you love just called you an asshole."

Manpants: "They already know I'm an asshole."

We're so in love.

On another note - regarding the whole diet thing that everyone was doing in my biology class? It looks like the Mayo Clinic Diet is the one that netted the most weight loss in the two week period. 7 pounds the first week, (water weight) and 6 the next. I'm not a huge fan of the rapid loss thing however, and am quite pleased with the 6 real pounds I lost on the whole foods thingy. Thing is I'd already lost 12 on Weight Watchers over a three month period - so whatever water weight lost was minimal. So I like to think I won. I think I got to eat better. Miss Mayo Clinic only got to eat eggs and spinach and grape fruit. Or something like that. Ew. And on NPR this week, I heard the ATKINS pushers are actually getting sued by someone adversely effected (and I have a friend who lost their gall bladder) from being on it more than a year, so bye bye ATKINS, never gonna use ya. I'm not sure of the exact amounts with the others ones like South Beach, but if yer interested I'll let you know!!!!

Have a great Halloween everyone. It might be the last partying we ever do. November 2 looms near and I'm getting more and more antsy and irritable by the second in anticipation and nervousness. This country cannot withstand 40 years of neo-con idiocy and figurative shredding of our nations constitution. And 40 years was not a typo. I'm thinking not only about another 4 years of a mad-with-power man allowed to turn our democracy into an oligarchy, but the potential Supreme Court to be - and the few in power are stupid and dangerous.

Things getting worse at work lately to the point that I'm losing self respect for remaining there. (Stay in school kids, or you'll end up with fewer options). I think I'll go to work tomorrow in costume as my inner cubicle rat psyche. That will require my wearing cut up fatigues and doing a little special effects make-up with the bruise wheel and the fake blood. I'm thinking two black eyes, a head wound, arm bruises and a split lip. If people ask me what I'm supposed to be, I'll say:

"Low Self Esteem."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the A in math. I am absolutely thrilled for you, and I'll bet Manpants (love that name!) is too. I do think our abilities change with time. Maybe you USED to suck at math. But you no longer do. I think we should all get to take a class in a subject that we USED to not be good at just so we can prove to ourselves that we can, in fact, learn any subject that we care to put our minds to. In my case, that would be something like taking a Shakespeare course...I'm very illiterate in that dept, and convinced myself at far too young of an age that Shakespeare wasn't for me, that I could never understand his plays, etc. I'll bet it would all be different now.
I like the "low self esteem" costume. Heh heh.
I, too, am waiting for the country to implode on Nov. 2nd. And if Minnesota falls to Bush, I'm going to have to go shoot all the Nader supporters because it will be all their fault.

29 October, 2004 15:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoooo hoooo! Congratulations. As someone who still uses her fingers and toes (for math) when filling out a bank deposit slip...I salute you! Man pants can stick it in Thppp! As for the country going to hell in a hand basket..I believe it was YOU missy who urged ME to visualize Kerry winning. Am I doing it by myself?!! That didn't sound too positive. Let's just keep the faith until proved wrong. Then if Bush does win, we can spend all our time blogging on where to get the best crack. Since I'm gonna need something to offset the pain. waaaaa!
Love the costume idea..hilareous.

29 October, 2004 22:01  

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