Friday, October 01, 2004


In all seriousness, Ladies and Gentleman, I'm venturing off the chuckles today because I'm mad and not just a tad frightened. I would very much like to know what children of high school and first year college students are learning in Civics class, American History and U.S. Government. Are prior presidents, are wars, is our Constitution discussed at all? Or are these things that the woefully underpaid teacher is blowing off since said teacher has been relegated by government cuts to being little more than a baby sitter who must pass the children in his/her classes regardless of their knowledge, or face a potential lawsuit by parents with entitlement issues. And precious little education. I'd really like to know who these kids' parents are, hunt them down, and spray a fire hose at them whilst screaming, "WAKE UP!!!!!" Especially the ones in the middle-class to lower middle-class, which is just about everyone here unless you happen to wander behind the gate of a gated community in Bel Air, Hancock Park or Pacific Palisades. The only thing I can compare it to in terms of the fright factor, is the NAZI Youth blindly following their leader into murdering millions of people and agreeing with the repeated claims that "racially pure blood" was something that actually existed (or remotely scientifically possible let alone desirable.) Reminds me of that Demon currently going by the name Dick Cheney who snarls and says that 9-11 happened because of Saddam Hussein, or snarls and says 9-11 will happen all over again if we vote for anyone else. People blindly believe.

I had a little time before my mind sucking math class last night, so went across the street to the pizza place for a slice and to watch the debates. They have a TeeVee. They also cheer and ring a bell if you put a tip in the tip jar, so it's a nice warm fuzzy to be there. I sat down amongst many other people with the same idea. The majority of the room was filled with the new adult, i.e. the fresh-faced (or pimple-ridden young adult who hasn't yet discovered Proactive) new voter. The Eighteen year old with nary a care in the world except concern over what kind of cell phone cover looks best with their outfit.

As I watched the debates, the disparity in possession of statesmanship qualities and educated articulation between the two gentlemen was clear. The statement of facts already determined by the 9-11 commission, military officials, Colin Powell etc.. was clear. These facts were given by Kerry, not Bush, who was rather defensive, stood like a featherweight boxer and smirked. Kerry presented a clear, confident and dare I say presidential personae. The differences between the two in terms of ability to state with educated confidence, what was happening with respect to foreign policy and conflict were clear. Yet all these children sat there shaking their heads and hissing when Kerry spoke, and nodded their heads vigorously up and down when Bush spoke. Almost in unison. It was the most frightening thing to watch. Keep in mind that this is California, so this phenomenon can only be multiplied in other states. This is the representation of youth in our country, hence its future. God Bless America.


Blogger Laura said...

Oh, my poor dear Millicent. You must carefully choose your crowd with which to watch debates, or you will end up frustrated and bitter. Every campus has its Young Republicans, who will grow up to be Corporate Assholes and worry endlessly about the greeness and lushness or their chemically-enhanced lawns. But there are also the sociology and education majors, who are supporting Nader. Those are the pimply-faced young'uns that I'm around, thank Goddess. They, too, are young and naive, and must be convinced to drop their ideals, sell their pure young souls, compromise, and vote for Kerry. You and I each have our work cut out for us, Millicent, but frankly, I'd rather hang around the clueless Nader-heads than the heartless Young Republicans.

Oh, and you and I turned out OK even though I don't recall our teachers at Acalanes as being bastions of progressive thought.

01 October, 2004 13:38  
Blogger R said...

I think I would have had to tap one of them on the shoulder and get the name of his "dealer" cause clearly they are getting some good *%&^ to be that out of touch!

01 October, 2004 16:52  

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