Monday, January 10, 2005

Rain, Anyone? Part II

How to create one’s own humidity:

1. Drive to work.
2. Witness new and even stronger downpour of rain.
3. Get out of car.
4. Get drenched through to the skin in 30 seconds, despite the yellow plastic rain slicker.
5. Walk into heated office.

This creates steam. Especially that small area that exists between your wet skin and your wet clothing. This makes you sweat. Profusely. So imagine if you will, a drenched cubicle rat in corporate attire with hair plastered to scalp, shoes squishing down the office corridor with steam rising off of every part of said cubicle rat, simultaneously sporting beads of running sweat from the top of the head, down the face.

6. Start to mold.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and…..wait, no, that’s not the song I was looking for…..

To add to this comfy, not so fresh feeling, we have been told that due to the Los Angeles weather, the office will be closing early.

7. Walk back to car.
8. Get drenched through to the skin in 30 seconds, despite the yellow plastic rain slicker.
9. Get into car and turn on heat/defrost.
10. Steam up the car.
11. Start to mold again.

I was just text messaged by a friend asking if I want a reservation on the ark if she’s able to get ahold of Noah.

I said yes.


Blogger Laura said...

You need one of those golf umbrellas that has like a 10 foot diameter....and galoshes maybe. (is there still such a thing as galoshes?) If you were in Minnesota, you would also be experiencing rain, only it would be "freezing rain". I'm telling you, there is NOTHING to like about freezing rain.

10 January, 2005 13:37  
Blogger R said...

I'm sitting here singing "It never rains in Southern California" just for you. ha ha

11 January, 2005 00:05  
Blogger ThomasMcCay said...

The person that invented those little thin plastic 'rain coats' is probably roasting in hell at this very moment. :)

Millicent, I love and look forward to your comments at me blog. Could you drop me a line at my email addy? I have something funny to tell you.

12 January, 2005 14:12  

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