Thursday, December 16, 2004

I Am a Bone Head Math Goddess!....The Epilogue

Happy Holidays, Ladies and Gentlemen. Well, to bring up that old sore that sits like a big boil on the overfed ass of life, the finals are almost over. And I, the supremely remedial math student got...what on her final? 100%. Yes. That's right. I studied until the skin on my face fell off. Or maybe it fell off due to the Santa Ana winds - which will make that happen right along with making this insane town even more so for the duration that the hot, bone-dry winds fly through here at a good clip - but the studying paid off - the transposed numbers were put in the proper order and my parched skin and I completed the course with a flying "Pass." The class is so remedial as to be Pass/Fail only - so no letter grade to gloat over this time. English Lit is done, Biology 3 for the Non-Biology Major (such a lie, such a lie, such a lie) will be another matter, and is yet to be taken.

I will be taking a break for the holidays, and wish you all the best of times, and the best of whatever occasion you recognize or celebrate. We will be celebrating the Winter Solstice, the WASP/Italian food fest, family and friend togetherness and will celebrate my Grandmother's 104 good strong years on this planet. She decided to begin her journey to leave us a week ago Sunday. No measures have been taken, per her wishes. When Father John sat down that Sunday and told her she was about to go on a marvelous adventure, she said in her usual matter of fact way, "I know. I'm looking forward to it." It's one of the very last things she said. She was given last rites, and many of us have been able to make the trip to have a last visit. She no longer speaks, but appears to be resting comfortably. She's showed remarkable resilience and she's still hanging on with us. I have the feeling that she is waiting for something or someone. Perhaps for one of the family members that haven't made the trip, perhaps something else. I don't know. I'll be making another trip to see her tomorrow, and am grateful for the opportunity. It's an understatement to say that she's been quite a powerful influence in my life, and I'm going to miss her.

Hug your loved ones, do something nice for a stranger and don't tell anyone about it, plant a tree, play in the snow...or mud...or frolic in the hot dry wind....and eat a really awesome dessert and forget about the calories. Happy Holidays.


Blogger Laura said...

Here's to Alice. Godspeed to her on her next journey.

17 December, 2004 10:28  
Blogger Laura said...

P.S. Congrats on the math exam...I knew you could do it!

17 December, 2004 10:29  
Blogger R said...

Heaven won't know what hit them when she arrives. Prayers are with you, her, and your family. Congrats on your exams. I don't know how in the world you did it, with everything else you have going on. You have GOT to be some sort of genius or just have amazing powers of concentration. Honestly.

17 December, 2004 16:22  

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