Wednesday, September 01, 2004


I'm not kidding about this. This was on NPR this morning, and those guys are all over the world making sure that we get ALL of the news, whether it's about Kerry's Vietnam record or NOT. Okay, so most of you out there already know that this month marks notable dates like Back to School Month, Labor Day, Yom Kippur and National Hispanic Heritage Month......but how many of you are aware that September also brings us......DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......

National Chicken Month
National Armpit Day
Be Late for Something Day (I've already used up that one)
Nose Hair Maintenance Day (Ew. Just ew.)
National Dog Week
Nipple Appreciation Day (FINALLY!!!!)
Fall Hat Month
Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month
Religious Freedom Week (they DO know the GOP convention is going on, right?)
National Farm Animals Awareness Week (I'm pretty much aware of this every day)
Children's Good Manner Month (tickety tick people - the month's almost over for this one!)
Shameless Promotion Month
Subliminal Marketing Month
Elephant Apreciation Day
Write in Your Diary Day
Self Improvement Month
Write Your Own Headlines Month
Dress Up as Your Pet Day

Now, while my research (while trying to do my job at the same time) has not turned up any actual DATES of some of these things, other than Nose Hair Maintenance day, which is on September 8, I'm still pretty giddy over the fact that there are sooooo very many holidays for me to celebrate. I'm tellin' you, September is just LOADED with possiblities.

Life is good.


Blogger Laura said...

I'm ALL in favor of Nose Hair Maintenance. I'm assuming your "ew" has more to do with the "nose hair" part than the "maintenance" part. The "maintenance is very, very important, especially on the part of one's spouse.

I just bought my daughter a paint brush with bristles made from Arabian Camel Nose Hair. Just kidding. But it was a way expensive paint brush.

01 September, 2004 18:43  

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