Sunday, August 29, 2004

Millicent Discovers LINKING....

Ooooh, so excited to have figured out how to use the link thingy (which I discovered when writing the previous entry about the FUN CENTER.) I admit to being still somewhat of a newbie with respect to this infernal contraption thing. Now, while I still haven't figured out how to put a list that remains up for all to see at any time of all those faboo blogs out there written by the articulate, the wry, the potty-mouthed, the enraged, the unbelievably obtuse supporters of the Bush administration......I can at least start plugging away WITHIN my entries. Soooooo, without further adieu, I will be introducing some of my favorites over the course of my next entries. They have provided me with laughter and tears - and provided the inspiration for me to enter the community of people who speak their mind without fear. To all of those I have discovered and to those I have yet to discover - BRAVO to truly exercising your right to FREE SPEECH (not to mention there are some wickedly talented writers out there that impress the size 15 shoes right off my feet.)

This 40 something woman who is fast becoming my spiritual role model (though Auntie Halstead will remain as spiritual ADVISOR...more on A.H. later) has a MUST READ blog that will have you doing spit takes at your computer screen with your morning brew.....Am I There Yet should be on everyone's reading list -

I next introduce, if you have not been graced with her rapier wit, humanity - and the ever present reminder that we humans have a hell of a lot more complexity than we like to let on while we're trying to decide what size eyelash to attach before the Friday night binge at the local watering hole. The title of this blog is a wake up call for us to check any shallow crap at the door when we click - Chez Miscarriage - is the place and getupgrrl is the fearless author.

And for those of you who like to go to the zoo, this next blog provides a valuable service if you're looking to study what happens to the people who think that "Reality TV" is actually un-scripted, real television, or that FOX News is actually news....this guy is a GENIUS (though I won't necessarily say the same for those who respond to his entries after obviously skimming over the content without actually reading) - it's worth it for both the entries and the responses.....Big Stumpers Newspage provides a lovely alternative to the insane rantings of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

There will be more Plugging of the Blog later...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Size 15 feet? Girl, you must have a TOUGH time with the shoe shopping. Or are there mail order catalogs for your special kind of body-type?

P.S. Thanks for the pimping. I'm a shameless comment ho, I'll admit it.

laura (am I there yet)

29 August, 2004 12:58  

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