Friday, August 27, 2004

Why are L.A. women such Pigs?

Okay, so hello there and welcome. Today's rant is bound to get someone riled up and I say GOOD. It should. I have no idea when the culture of the town that I live in became so entitled that women no longer have to behave with any sense of consideration or basic knowledge that their behavior in a public restroom constitutes that of a barnyard animal. Now, before I go on, I want to make clear that this is a phenomenon I have witnessed ONLY IN LOS ANGELES (and surrounding Pasadena) and that other major cities in the country, like Manhattan for example, do not engage in the practice I am about to disclose. I will go on to say, since I just used Manhattan as an example, that in New York they do not provide toilet seat covers in most public restrooms. And yet, the women seem to choose to behave like human beings - even when using the public restroom at the ZOO. Public restrooms in Los Angeles (and surrounding Pasadena) do provide seat covers. No matter. The common practice is to squat over the seat without touching it, thereby urinating willy nilly all over the toilet seat and then leaving it that way for the next woman to happen upon. Only in L.A. I have taken it upon myself on occasion after walking unsuspectingly into a stall after someone, only to happen upon an extraordinary amount of bodily fluids contained everywhere but in the bowl, to come out of the stall and let the woman know that she is a complete pig and should be ashamed of herself. One of these women was a 40 something white woman wearing pearls and chiffon dress. In surrounding Pasadena. At what point did the culture of L.A. become sooooo entitled that women can discard centuries of manners? Do they think that the poor individual being paid less than minimum wage and no benefits deserves to clean up that kind of crap? I say women, COMPLAIN AND ROAR. Do not accept the entitled Pig. And make sure those who have daughters tell their daughters as well. And granddaughters. The Pig is not Welcome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, my favorite subject - bodily functions and surrounding issues. ::click:: bookmarking this site. LOL
I have to admit...I frequent outhouses on almost a daily basis when I'm out jogging. So I've learned to hold my nose, shut my eyes, and if my skin touches something wet, I just pretend like it's sweat.

28 August, 2004 11:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AhHA! And I thought men were the only pigs who urinate on toilet seats. Took my wife several years to completely break me of that habit. I'll have to tell her it aint just men. Great read.


28 August, 2004 14:11  
Blogger Karen said...

Unfortunately, this happens in Georgia too. Carrying a can of Lysol around isn't a bad idea...

28 August, 2004 15:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A great read! Love your style, lady.


28 August, 2004 15:24  
Blogger Tom said...

That's most it too non-PC to suggest that perhaps women don't need to emulate men in every capacity?

30 August, 2004 16:32  

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