Sunday, August 29, 2004

Adults Can Have Fun.

I just returned from apparently the ONLY fun center in the entire Southern California desert because every car in the surrounding burroughs seemed to be in the monumental parking lot. Castle Park is a jam packed and fun filled "family fun center" with everything from batting cages, arcade games (which incidentally are malfunctioning and so they stole our tokens and then wouldn't allow us to shoot the zombies), several 3 par miniature golf courses and arcade food. Fun for 4 middle aged people on a Saturday night after bad and overpriced Fondue. Also fun for every modern day parent that seems unaware of any developmental problems which might occur in their infant and toddler children that they insist on keeping up playing arcade games and miniature golf until after midnight. It boggles the mind. As far as the eye could see (which is pretty far, since the place is huge) a multitude of tiny, small, wee young children with nary a thought in their heads except the next ticket fix spitting out of the skeeball machine. C'mon Wackamole!!!! Big win, big win, don't fail me now.....I don't know about you, but starting children on a road to ruin via gambling, sleep deprivation, caffeinated sugary sodas and Skittles, is not necessarily a great idea. Maybe it's just me. I was always in bed no later than nine when I was a four year old - but then again teachers were still allowed to spank unruly students back then in the dark ages, so maybe the whole bedtime rule has been considered abusive or unreasonable - stifling the creativity and free spirited nature of the child if you will - instead, bedtime has been replaced by nurturing addictive behavior, TeeVee and very little bedtime reading. And as far as the older ones who are old enough to be out but still not able to drive legally - I have a few words....Super low rise jeans make you look stupid. No matter how great your ass is, NO ONE LOOKS GOOD WITH BUTT CRACK.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I so agree that butt crack look bad on anyone. And on us forty somethings, the butt crack often blends in with our back fat, looking even worse as it bulges over the "waist" line.

29 August, 2004 13:01  

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