Wednesday, June 21, 2006


This is a short one, folks.

"A Democratic proposal which would have raised the minimum wage from $5.15 an hour to $7.25 an hour by January 1, 2009 failed in the Senate today. While a majority of Senators -- 52 -- backed the proposal, it did not get the 60 votes needed to pass. The vote came the day after Republicans in the House defeated a Democratic led effort to force a vote on the minimum wage."

Manpants and I took a little trip this weekend and paid $4.40 a gallon for gas in Big Sur. For the person paid at minimum wage, that is a whopping .65 cents left over that won't even buy a nutritionally suspect box of Kraft macaroni and cheese ($1.50).

A head of cabbage is $7.00.



Blogger Seamus said...

There are not enough expletives for this stupidity!

22 June, 2006 09:49  
Blogger Tom Harper said...

Let us eat cake.

23 June, 2006 21:32  
Blogger Laura said...

25 years ago I made $3.35 an hour as a sales clerk at Bullock's dept store. In today's dollars that would probably be around 8 dollars. Minimum wage has not kept up with inflation. It's a travesty.

24 June, 2006 06:53  
Blogger R said...

Hmm..they cut taxes so that there is not enough money left over from the war to fund ANY federal programs...including FEMA.
They cut funding to programs that would help kids go to college. The worst cuts in 26 years.
The wage gap between rich and poor is the biggest in history.
The amount of poor pouring into our country is the largest in history.
The Veterans are not given care if they make over 35K a year.
What part of "War on the middle class" don't people understand????

25 June, 2006 11:29  

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