Thursday, June 25, 2009

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln . . .

Previously seen on Millicent: Oh hell, read the archives – but they are over two years old and so much has happened! Turns out Dick Cheney IS a demon that eats small children and puppies! Who knew! Our new president can READ!!!! His wife is awesome and completely her own person with her own fan base!!!!

There’s a famous track on a recording by Tallulah Bankhead where she posed the same question several times to demonstrate how vocal emphasis could COMPLETELY make a performance. That question, posed thusly below, can sum up my last two years away from this blog.

What have you been doing?
WHAT – have you been doing?
What HAVE you been doing?
What have YOU been doing?
What have you BEEN doing?
What have you been DOING?

[fill in blank here]

No seriously. What HAVE you been doing? No, not me. I mean you. I’m talking to you. Duh. Oh, and Manpants says hello.


Anonymous waiter said...

never thought of Cheney quite that way,but now that you mentions it, I can see it. Thanks for the blog.

29 June, 2009 05:52  

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